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19yo male in Ireland, i used to be fat and have low self esteem, so now i work out everyday and eat healthy cause it helps deal with my depression, im ripped, and have been away at university for a 2 years. life was uncomplicated. until i came back home, for a family reunion thing, we were all staying at my rich uncles. My 18yo cousin, who i used to b really close to, says i can stay in her room, thought it was weird but ok. We hang out cause the other kids are 12 and below, it was fun but after a few days she tells me shes in love with me, and repeatedly tries to have sex, a couple of times she came into my bed at night, touching me. I keep saying no, but shes a lingerie model, and im starting to consider it.

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  • so she wants to have sex with you know cause you made yourself look better? don't do it dude. once that night is over you only have problems ahead of you. the courts favour women so if push comes to shove and she needs an escape you might very well end up in prison for waaay more than you bargained for.

  • No man, you don't want to do that because if you do she will want it all the time and have blackmail on you if you don't.

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