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Today during history class, my teacher was passing back papers. Since I sit near the front and was looking ahead, the teacher was out of my sight while he returned papers to other students sat behind me. A thump was heard through the chatter of the students, as if he had bumped into somebody’s desk or misstepped in some other way. “I’m sorry....baby.” Mr. Teacher says rather loudly. Obviously I assumed he was addressing a student, and quickly turned around with a confused look on my face. Well it turns out that Mr. History indeed bumped into a baby. Today was the day that some health students were administered these fake babies which they had to carry around with them everywhere and take care of. One of the students behind me had said baby on the ground next to them in a car seat, which the teacher had accidentally bumped into while trying to navigate through the narrow rows of students. He then jokingly apologized to the doll. Once I saw the doll, it all made sense and I had to try very hard to not bust out in laughter.

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  • Damn, that's annoying they had to carry them around school. When I did that in high school we just had to pick it up at the end of the day and bring it home, then back the next morning.

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