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Have you heard about the fact that it's easier to take a dump when your feet are not on the ground, but a little higher? And that there are even special poo-pedestals for that? Well, I have a foot step just for that matter, and of course it's in the bathroom. And because I am really embarassed by it, I told my roommates I need to have the footstep in the bathroom because I am too short to reach the upper shelf of my cabinet (which wasn't the case). Turns out, while I was gone for the weekend my roommates bought me a complete new cabinet that isn't as high but has the same storage space, and stored the foot step elsewhere. As a nice surprise for me.

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  • I've saw the Squatty Potty video with the unicorn... The idea has actually improved my own toilet experience this past year. Tell them it's healthier this way. I'm not so sure I'd show them the unicorn video though - they might find it hilarious and tease you

  • You don't have to be embarrassed about it. Everybody poops. And everyone has a trick that makes it a little easier. Mine is that I have to be distracted, like on my phone or spacing out thinking of something else. Just tell them the footstool helps you poop lol

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