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So I'm bout to sound real petty but I have no where else to vent this and I don't think my husband would really care , or of course cuz it's his money, he'd tell me to just eat at home lol. So I'm a stay at home mom who doesn't drive. I make lunch and stuff at home but sometimes, a girl just wants some good ol deli food. You know, bagel with cream cheese and a coffee, or a hero with some chips and an ice tea. Sometimes it's also cuz there's nothing to eat at home. There's only one deli that's of walking distance near my home.. And they happen to be the only deli that delivers (until 2pm). Today I feel like these mfers were playing me. Maybe I'm one of the only people that asks for delivery so they know me by now, but today I was calling and they didn't answer. The 3rd time they finally picked up. Mfer tells me that the delivery driver has a lot of deliveries, so can he call me back? I was so confused cuz that's the first time I heard some shit like this from them, so I said okay ...... And then he hangs up. I got to thinking like "but this mfer don't even have my number"??? And so yeah I'm pissed and I feel like these mfers are playing me. No he never called back, which obviously is bullshit. Yeah I can go pick it up , but to have to get dressed, dress my daughter , put her in the stroller, walk there, walk back... I mean I just want my food. I tip them. Not a whole lot cuz by car it's literally no more than a 2 minute drive. I'm calling them tomorrow.. Let's see how it goes.

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  • Definitely report that guy to the manager

  • That sounds super unprofessional. wtf. Business is business. Maybe talk to a manager about the dude on the phone?

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