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My mom always gives me a lot of presents for birthday or Christmas, but most of them are always shit. She's really sweet and puts a lot of thinking into everything. She doesn't want to buy gift cards or let me pick the presents because she thinks it doesn't count as a present when she can't surprise me and see my surprised face (and I think she's right). Most of the time it's just the wrong type of chocolate because she wanted to try something new, or a stinking shampoo that I can simply pour away... but sometimes it's things like gloves or decorative items or a perfume. Things she notices me not using. So I always use them, or I don't and feel really bad about it. I don't know what I should do. Continue to pretend to like the presents to make her happy (there's worse things than wearing gloves you don't like) or telling her, which would definitely make her really sad.

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  • My mom always says sorry for not having a great gift for me. But I always asure her that her gifts are the best and I show her that I really appreciate it. We only have one biological mother, let's cherish every moments with her. I don't wanna wake up someday that I don't have any silly present from her. I love my mom, her presence is the best gift for me!!!

  • Something is better than nothing eh

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