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I don't know why but I am constantly afraid that I might go crazy! Just like that. I have been through a lot in my life, my mother died when I was 7, my father is an alcoholic... But I've always been so strong. And last year I had anxiety and I went to a psychologist and now I am fine. But I am so afraid that I will go crazy and you know I won't be consciously here. I'd rather die than have my loved ones see me like that.

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  • It seems to me that you might still be struggling with anxiety. Seeing a professionnal is a very good thing , but even though things get better, the anxiety doesn't completely disappear forever. Maybe try to use the strategies you learned while consulting and don't hesitate to consult again if you feel like it could help. Good luck! And as another comentor said, it takes time! :)

  • I used to suffer from anxiety and have the same feelings! I got rid of those thoughts all on my own. Just takes time

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