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I looked like a fool. I thought it is just my imagination and my jealousy that whenever he spends a day (until midnight) with his old flame, they are doing sex or being romantically sweet to each other. His phone is out of reach whenever they are together and when I ask him why, he always said that it is not respectful to be using phone when you're with someone. He would always assure me that everything is normal. Few months later/now, he said that they used to do romantic things. I'm upset but he doesn't get it. I just didn't push it or argued with him since he has been sick. Still, I looked like a fool. I immediately thought of canceling our out of town trip but we had planned this already for almost half of the year. We already spent money on this trip and we cannot get any refunds anymore.

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  • U have no evidence of cheating. I hangout with my old ex girlfriends and never once did anything to bring the relationship back. Sleep it out and U should talk to him after the vacation. Don't lose the trust so easy like that!! That's how most innocent relationships go wrong from assumption.

  • How about taking someone else with you on the trip? Or just go together, but spend the time there not together.

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