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I always knew that my hair and fingernails grow faster than what's the average. Well, not always, but in my teenage years, when my friends and I talked about how often we have to shave, I first suspected it. Then, when my hairdresser cut my hair way too short, I googled how fast hair grows and calculated that it would take one whole year to be as long as I wanted it again. When I was satisfied with the length after just some months, I wasn't sure if I had miscalculated it. Now I injured my nail, and while this grows out, I can very exactly measure how fast it grows. Turns out, my hair and nails grow TWICE as fast as average. I feel a little weird now, like a superhero with a really useless superpower. (Although it's quite useful when the hairdresser cuts off too much.)

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  • How fast does it grow according to inch and fractions?

  • Donate hair for cancer patients. or make a shirt out of hair. just put that so called power to use.

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