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I think we should have a national no makeup day then we can see the true beauty of women

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  • I think women can do whatever they want with their appearances. There's no "true beauty" of women, women are beautiful with or without their makeup, but if they enjoy wearing make up let them. You're effectively saying no, today, don't do something which makes you feel happy and confident because I want to see what you really look like for no reason other than the fact I feel I'm being deceived by the fact your eye make up might be making your eyes look bigger and your concealer makes your skin look clearer. Why do some people have such a problem with women doing something that makes them feel happy and better about themselves?

  • IDK I have days where I wear make up. I have days where I run around bare faced which are usually more than my make up days since I'm a lazy fuck. I don't know what the hype is. I mean I usually only wear eyeliner, eyeshadow and maybe mascara. because I want to enhance my eyes because I find them beautiful as fuck. like idk. I don't understand why people are so against make up.

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