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I think that the human race should die out because I think that we are destroying the planet and that we have already done so much damage it is beyond repair, just think of how many animals have gone extinct because of us and how many km² of pure nature we destroyed. I don't think we deserve to live, we bring absolutely nothing good to this planet.

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  • How many animal have gone extinct because of us? Like 0.0001% in the history of whole earth. Long ago before there were any human many species became extinct. Was that cause of us? Nope it was not. It's all up to the laws of nature. You are weak you die. Fair way to make life get better and stronger step by step. This is the truth of nature. Torment, suffering and decay for those who are weak. It was( 100 mill years ago) It is now and will be. Life will not die cause of us. Never ever. We may end up as the only multicell entity on Earth but never ever we will possibly kill all life. (There are bacterias who can survive in space for thousands of years so...)

  • I loooove how edgy you are. How's middle school treating ya?

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