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I don't see the point in living. We are a stupid species. We have technology and sciences and we live in our big cities and we eat and go out with friends. but in the end we are all just animals. It all comes down to our basic needs. Foor,sex and being better than others. We just go opposite to our nature. And that's sad. We have created an illusion that we are something better. But we are not. It's all just a lie. And there is no real point in living because everything we do is just temporary and really small for the universe. Civilization is a lie .

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  • pft. I sure as hell don't fool myself into thinking I'm more than just another animal. i think the point of living is to enjoy life. Work hard at something you love until you can be proud of your accomplishments. Travel. Visit somewhere you've never seen before, learn something new. We're all trapped inside of these bodies and that means we're bound to our emotions and feelings, whether you like it or not.

  • Get your ass to church!

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