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I have kidney and bladder infection, I have a fever and bronchitis ( not related to my infection), plus I'm on my period. This is the harshest experience of my life I feel like dying!!! The adominal pain, hot flashes, head ache, dizziness, and irritability from the period. The back pain and peeing pain from the infection. And worst of all, the lung issue from bronchitis and sore throat plus the itchy nose and watery right eye that I ended up partially blind plus a different area of head ache. And imagine you have to walk a looot from classes to classes in a huge university and I cannot skip classes or else I'll get droppped.... Plus the stresses from week school work (I have 6 classes) and then my shift in work too that I cannot be absent from. I literally yelled at my irritating friend for her usual attitude (doesn't give a fuck about others but herself and her stories.. Keep asking whether I'm listening or not). Like fuck OFF I'm feeling like shit and i have no time for now to your shit.. I felt bad right that I said that to her because she never knew she had that personality... But right really I want to sleep but nooo I have to finish my homework!!!! Man I've never been a dead man walking for the entire week. How am I still alive??

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  • try having cancer and spending the last 8 months in the hospital not even able to go to school so now i wont be graduating on time.

  • No sick days allowed at uni OR work? That's rough. What kind of fucked up policies do they have? I hope it gets better.

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