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I find it funny that you're 'cheap' and a 'whore' and every other name under the sun if you accept money or gifts after having sex with someone. so it's ok to give out free sex and sleep with everyone? but someone offers to pay you and it's wrong? last time I checked free is cheaper haha

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  • so charge your baby for breast feeding then. being this transactional is cheap plain and simple. u are a whore and u hate the stigma, so stop sleeping around and find a job. can't be a ho and a housewife, pick a lane

  • I used to have sex for weed at one point. I didn't have sex to get weed. just my FWB at the time wanted to give me something for satisfying him. does that make me a prostitute? my intension wasn't to get weed, it was just to have sex. but the guy wanted to give me free weed for it. also a lot of people have sex with other people only to make the other person happy anyways, so why not get paid for it? what's the difference in doing it just to make someone happy, or someone paying you to make them happy.

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