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i think people shouldn't be gay i think its a thing and im not gonna tell people how to live their life but i think the only reason so many people are coming out is because its acceptable and kind of cool.i think more then half of the gay community can love the opposite sex they just dont want to.

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  • Are you fucking retarded? Would you be alright with having sex with someone of the same sex as you? If so, you're gay/bi. If not, then how can you imagine that someone else who's just as straight as you is willing to do it just because it's cool. Either way you have to admit that homosexuality is real.

  • You seem to be of the opinion that sexuality is a choice. It's not. Of course more people are coming out as it becomes more acceptable - people were gay in the past, too, but would you be super keen to tell people something about yourself if it got you beaten up etc?

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