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I get irritated with people correcting english grammars all the time. I mean you understood the sentence and the message and why the need to correct it? Like what is this? English class?? Ang walang pinanggalingan walang paroroonan. Would you be able to correct the grammar of that? Da liegt der hund begraben. Would you be able to understand that and translate it properly??!?!? 起死回生 would you fucking be able to read that?!?!?! Would you be to do all of that?!?!?! Would you be able to be perfect in all of that provided?!?!? Here's my philosophical question. Sometimes I wonder if you believe you know everything then why can't you understand everything?

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  • That philosophical question is so fail. No one is claiming they know everything. No one can truly understand everything. An example is you don't really understand why your grammar needs to be corrected even on informal platforms such as this confession page.

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