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I have no idea what I'm going to do with my life because I think I'm literally not good at anything. At least not good enough to get a job. I am good at drawing and writing, but I'm not creative - I can just copy other people's work, therefore a creative job isn't for me. I suck at maths and logical thinking, so anything related to that is no option either. I also can't do a physically hard job due to some health problems, so that crosses out most jobs, too. I am not smart enough to study at university (I know because I've tried) and due to my mental problems, I can't even do something like cashier or waiter (I've also tried that). No matter which job I'm looking into, there's always a deal breaker. So far, the only thing that seems possible is a cleaner, but hell, I don't want to spend my life in poverty.

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  • Mental health problems or intelligence?

  • Well... you have to learn these things. No one is just... good at stuff. Even Olympic athletes have been training since they were 3 or some crazy nonsense. I used to feel the same way as you, but now I'm pursuing a career in art. I used to just copy, too. But if you draw often enough without looking at other people's art, you'll start yo create your own things. (References are still okay, but try to use stock photos as refs!) Sometimes it'll be easier than others. But also you could try going to an art-focused school, or just a different school. I dropped out because I hated my college, but I'm looking other places that would suit me better. Don't give up now. There are still options. Maybe learn an instrument, or learn coding. There's all kinds of things you could learn and turn into a career.

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