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This might sound stupid but I really want to stop college for two years just to become a surfer. I never tried it but I always would looove to do it and do it for most of my life before I go back again and become busy with college and probably when I go to med school. I have a very heavy major (chem and physics) and I have no time for everything but for surfing, I want to stop college for a while but it's just too dumb that I think like that. I feel like after I graduate I will have no time. because then I'll probably be 23 and next year is 24 and I feel like that's the year I should probably settle down already.. I feel like I have a short time to do all the things I want. I'm 20 though and it's like in five years there's not much I can do. and then I reach 27 and 30 and so on. For some reason I always think that being 30 is just it. You're old (not trying to offed 30 years old people). But I feel like 20s is too fast and too fast that I haven't done much. At least haven't done the things I enjoy. I love surfing because my uncle does it and he's good but he passed away and wasn't able to teach me. I do regretted not trying it in high school when he was still alive but back then I told myself I can just try surfing in college but then here's college and I literally even have more busy life.... I love surfing just because I love the water and even though I haven't tried it I just know I wanted it. I love to swim a lot and diving too. But surfing i wasn't encouraged by my dad just because he was a sailor and he keeps telling me about shark attacks and all. Plus everyone in my family are indoor people and hates doing sporty activities.

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  • Kinda dumb for a smart person.

  • 30 isn't too old to do anything. My mom is 40 and she just climbed a mountain. And if you really want to take time off school, do it. You can always go back.

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