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I'm going to a party tonight, hosted by a friend of my boyfriend, and I know all people who will be there - I only know them briefly, but well enough to know that they're not people I'd like to hang out with (and I think they don't like me either). Almost all of them are guys who like to drink a lot, and the few girls who will be there are all best friends who seem to always be talking badly about others. Long story short, I am terribly afraid of that evening. So afraid that I'm literally shaking. I don't know what the worst thing that can happen is: whether it's sitting in a corner by myself all evening, trying to sit it out; or trying to mingle and, being socially awkward, having a lot of embarassing conversations; or maybe being openly shown that nobody wants me there. The only reason why I'm going is because my boyfriend is always so sad when I don't come with him to such parties, and I want to give it a try at least. One reason why I'm so afraid is that I've been to a few parties before, and I remember how I always thought: "I'm glad I'm having my best friend with me/having an excuse to go early", because it always was so horrible for me.

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  • It's good that you're trying to make him happy, but he also needs to understand how you feel. Some people just aren't partiers, and he needs to understand that. Not everyone likes to party. I sure as hell don't.

  • If you go with your BF and he leaves you alone in the corner maybe it's time to straighten his rude ass out!

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