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idk what to do to let it be known that Im not a lesbian without flat out saying im not or making it super obvious im trying to show im not a lesbian. My aunt always makes little subtle comments and reactions that makes me feel like she thinks i like girls. When my friend of 11 years stays the night we both sleep in my bed but at opposite ends. We have been doing this for a good part of our friendship and I dont think its odd at all. It is more comfortable than sleeping on the couch or floor. My aunts reaction made it seem like she pictures it as us cuddled up next to each other or something when that is not the case. My head is at one end hers is at the other. a few days ago my aunt made another comment about how she thinks i would like the receptionist at her dentist. It came out of nowhere and she said she was really pretty, really quiet very nice. I have no idea why she brought that up. One time we went to Quiznos and when we left she was like the girl who made your sandwich was really cute and sweet huh. I like bright colors and everyone knows i like colorful things. Well she got me gay pride socks. It was the gay pride flag 🏳️‍🌈 and said #Proud. Now idk if she knows they are gay pride socks or not but it was the last straw for me. I have had boyfriends before. It didnt let it be known but i had them. Ive never liked girls, I dont have a thing for them and ive never been with one. I could be completely paranoid about it but when i add all of her comments, reactions and actions together I honestly think she thinks im lesbian. These are just a couple examples, this has been going on for years and its starting to get annoying. I dont want to be awkward about it bringing it up but i also want it to be clear i like men so there is no confusion.

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  • Next time she does something like that, look her in the eyes and say ' I'm NOT a carpet munched so please stop insinuating that I am!'

  • Casually mention how cute a guy looks, either a random dude while you're out with her or a picture of some celebrity. Complain about how you wish you had a boyfriend. Or next time she says something like 'isn't she cute?' respond with 'Not really, I don't find girls cute' or something like that. You can be blunt without straight up saying 'I'm not gay.'

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