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I don't feel compassion towards my cousin even if I can feel it towards my other family members and towards strangers. I'm the worst.

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  • Same here. I don’t even feel compassion towards my other relatives(cousins, aunts and perhaps my grandparents too). When I was young, my dad wouldn’t let me stay in my mother’s hometown resorting to me not having special connection. And I barely know my dad’s big family. I always hear negative stories about my relatives from mom & dad. My parents themselves don’t have strong connection with their own families. Now that I’m a young adult, i feel kinda sad about it. I envy those who are close with their relatives. I only love my dad, mom, a brother and my two sisters. I barely have memories with my relatives. It’s really awkward around them and we also have nothing in common. It’s weird and sad. I can make friends easily though

  • Why? What did your cousin do?

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