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I applied for a job and have an interview today. I just read my application again, just as a preparation, and noticed something that makes me really nervous: I've studied at university the last 2 years, but I'm not finishing it and am not going to get a degree (which is why I'm applying for that job, which is in a totally different field). But in my application, I somehow not only missed to mention that, I also made it look like I already have that degree. I have no idea why I phrased things like I did when I wrote this. To be honest, I was surprised to even get an interview although not finishing uni, and now I think the only reason they invited me was because they thought I have a degree. Now my chances are probably around zero, because they'll either think I lied on purpose, or I'll be so nervous about the explaining (I hate awkward moments) that I will screw the whole interview up. I am so afraid, I can't breathe.

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  • Don't worry too much. Just tell them you decided to go a different direction with your life. Focus on your goals for the future and how you think this job will help you, and also how you can help them.

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