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I'm fed up with my life. I collect manga and comics while my friends go out, smoke, drink and have sex while i stay at home alone. we're all only 14.

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  • Enjoy your life, manga and comics are cool. Don't do things you aren't ready for, just because your friends (who probably aren't actually ready for them either) are doing them. Stick to the path you are on. When you get to being an adult, you will realize that you have set yourself up to actually be able to deal with adulthood. You will be more capable of taking care of yourself, able to handle a challenging career. Don't miss out on being a kid, you will regret it. You may always be a bit of an outsider or "nerdy" compared to the "popular" kids, but there are many places where that is a huge plus.

  • It is normal for teenagers to desire those things, but to actually be doing them at your age is not good for your development. Your hobbies are much more age appropriate than theirs. Maybe you can try meeting people who share your interests to feel less alone in what is (should be) the normal course of life for a 14-year old. :)

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