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My boyfriend thinks i still love him and in 2 years after he's done with college i'll marry him , I've started to hate him since he started college his new friends turned him into a major as*hole , I have no idea how to break up with him

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  • Stop torturing yourself. Tell him how you feel but don't break it off right away. Give him two options: you walk out the door or he changes himself, dumps his friends whatever. If he says no, you leave and you're both done. If he agrees to change (and I mean really change) he can. Everyone [most people anyway] has someone they'd change themselves for. If you loved him once, you may get the old him back.

  • Just go straight to the point, if you don't love him don't let him live a lie, and don't live a lie yourself. It'll be really hard, but it's the best for both, the sooner you tell him, the sooner he'll be able to carry on without you. Don't be afraid, you just need to be calm, patient and declarative, talk it all out.

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