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My alarm went off today, I turned it off and kinda drifted for a while. After about 5 mins, I realised that my bf was wanking. I had a quick prep and could see that he was on FB on his phone jerking it to some chick. I shut my eyes hurt, stunned and then pretended to wake up. I was so angry I just left the bedroom without saying a word. He come out about half an hour later and I went straight into the bedroom pulled back the sheets and he'd left a wank stain. I confronted him about it and he tried to pass it off as normal - like it was just a wank. To be clear in general I don't care about him having a wank - that's normal. However to do it next to me and over a girl on FB - wtf. He claimed that he searches something like 'hot girls' and girls, like friends of friends, he doesn't know well to try and make it seem less personal but I'm still hugely insulted and I think he does it on occasion to girls on his friends list too. I don't deny him sex; making sure he always finishes and make so much more of an effort than him to look attractive, this has just devastated my self esteem. Even worse is that he keeps on trying to claim that it's 'normal'. Another excuse is that we're always together and he doesn't have space to do it elsewhere in our small flat. Angrily I told him that I don't care about him wanking in general, you still don't wank off to another chick on FB next to your gf even if you thinks she's asleep, just brazenly disrespectful. We're meant to be getting a flat together next month and this has just put me off so much.

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  • What a selfish dickhead! Wish you were my GF. We could wank together!

  • Honey... You need to leave him. He doesn't deserve you. He doesn't deserve anyone if he's going to be that selfish and terrible.

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