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my girl/mother of my children gets drunk every two days I want to leave this sick fuck but I can't leave my kids. how will she afford to pay the rent without me. can I afford my own apartment having to still play her rent. worse part is she lost her sex drive. this shit is wack and I deserve better

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  • If you let the judge know about her drinking you will probably get custody, unless it's a man-hating feminist judge who would rather let the kids suffer than to give custody to a guy.

  • My mom was in that position. She stayed for 23 years and tried to help my dad get better. It didn't work. She's finally leaving him, now that I'm 21, my sister is 16, and my brother is 13. And honestly we're glad she's leaving him. He emotionally abused us for years as his bipolar disorder and alcoholism got worse and worse. If you can get custody of your kids, I suggest getting them away from her.

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