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i'm 19 and bi but i've never had the chance to explore my sexuality, I have a partner who knows i'm bi and i've been in a serious relationship (we are talking about getting married) for three years they accept i'm bi and don't mind it but have made it clear they don't want me to explore when i'm with them in a relationship, i know i've got a lot of my life ahead of me but i'm afraid i may never get to explore and see what it is to be bi (other than infatuation) which makes me feel that i have to shut a big part of me away for their happiness

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  • same happened to me(im a guy 25y/o)i love my bf and he undestood me when i said that i wanted to have sex with girls.we are now in a open relationship,there are timeswhen it really sucks but we manage.the secret is being open about who you are.

  • I was in exactly the same situation (I'm 19 too!), and basically he and I had this really deep conversation. I told him everything, how I love him and honestly feel he's the love of my life, that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him - but I did want to explore having sex with a girl just once at least. In the end, he did come around, but he did stipulate some (very reasonable) conditions: I must tell him before/after I have sex with another girl, it can only be one night stands, and I can never have sex with another guy.

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