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After being obsessed with the feet of one of my wife coworkers, the thing that should not happen, happened yesterday. I betrayed my wife. Her coworker caught me staring at her feet. When we were alone she asked my why I kept staring at her feet. I told her the truth. At first she seemed to be embarrassed. But one thing let to another and I ended up kneeling in front of her licking and sucking her feet and toes. She even gave me a footjob. I really love my wife. But she doesn't like my foot fetish. And her coworker seems to enjoy, having a little footslave. So I don't know what will happen, if she commands me to lick her feet again.

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  • lol'd this nigga is obssesed with feet lol that's a cool story tho.

  • Was that confession difficult to type with only one hand?

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