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I was on the phone at work, talking to a customer. The girl behind me starts telling a story and shouting "I'm pissed! I'm pissed!". I put my phone on mute while the customer's talking and tell the girl behind me "I'm on a call. Watch the language". She says back "No one's cussing". I said "I don't want my member hearing you're pissed, thanks" and get back to talking to my customer. The girl behind me said (with a rude tone) "You could've asked nicer, thanks". Here's the thing though, that this girl should've known, if quality hears someone on my side cursing or saying anything inappropriate, I get a major quality infraction which could get me fired. Doesn't matter if they know it's not my voice, doesn't matter if they know exactly who said it, I still take all the heat for it. I don't have time to politely make up a BS excuse to put my customer on hold so I can take the time to be polite when I ask someone to not cuss and risk my job. The polite thing to do is not cuss on the production floor when people are on the phones in the first place. I've heard it debated before on whether pissed (in the context of being angry) is considered cussing. I think it is. Quality and my customers might agree with me too. Luckily my old team leader Amanda was standing right there to talk to the girl about it right after it happened. I knew Amanda would agree with me and knows I never raise my voice or get a tone with anyone. If she wasn't standing right there I probably would've gone to her after clocking out or told my current team leader next time I see him.

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  • lol run off to tell the boss if they weren't already there .... Pethetic

  • Why are you taking business calls in public? Go to work!

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