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Not long after I broke up with my ex boyfriend, I finally got a job offer after months of searching without any luck. It was a seasonal job and I still talked to my ex boyfriend some to try and stay friends. After the seasonal job ended and I cut off contact from my ex, I got an even better job offer. It was my first full time job and the pay was amazing. The training class started on what would've been my mom's 46th birthday. It could be a coincidence, but I choose to believe that was a sign from God or my mom's spirit. I met my fiance in that training class. That job got me off of food stamps and out of government assisted housing. It gave me financial stability and got me out of rock bottom. Meeting my fiance and having the experience from that job led us to moving out of state together a year and a half later. Everything happens for a reason.

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  • Love this, so happy for you! :)

  • I was smiling while reading this. I don't know you but I'm really happy for you

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