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My co worker said the most derogatory thing that I never thought would come out her mouth. She said "Bruce Jenner has all the $ in the world so he does the gender change." I responded. " First of all its Caitlyn. If you don't accept someone it's ok you don't have to agree because it doesn't apply to you. but you can respect." It's like I really feel bad that I have to teach her that when she's almost 60 years old 😂.....I'm not even transgender, a Christian Etc but I still respect that those things exist! You got to be that dumb huh?

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  • the issue is for a lot of people is even after a sex change your DNA will still show up as Xx or Xy. Most people believe there are only 2 genders male and female (not here to argue) keeping out of the psychological part of gender identity biologically we are put into those 2 categories by our genetics. This is a hard issue for some because both the sides of this can argue for science to prove them right. It's just called accepting someone else's opinion as their own and leaving it at that. People need to stop wanting people to accept their ideals at fact, while I believe in listening to both sides of a story to get the whole picture I don't believe in forcing it on someone.

  • Nobody is saying he shouldn't be allowed to chop his cock off and prance around in a dress. But you are asking people to deny reality and refer to him as female. In a social context one may do so simply to avoid conflict. But when it comes to reality, actual science as mentioned below, Bruce is a male. Are any of you female? If so does it not bother you that this man won some "female of the year" award? Can't remember exactly I'm sure you could google it. I'd be upset that men are now apparently better at being a woman than a woman is.

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