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I'm an 18-year old female, working in an electronics shop. There's this regular customer, a man, working as a mechanic. He's 15-20 years older than I am. I really hate him, I don't know why. It's the way he acts like he's handsome. Well, not that he's ugly. He's actually got some looks. He's tanned, thick but kinda muscular, and way older than me although not wrinkly kind of old. I don't really like him but I like masturbating to the thoughts of him. I once fantasized about us at his shop while his wife kept calling and looking for him. I'm not even sure if he's maried. I hate him but I want to feel his probably rough hands, i want to feel his pubic hair on my clit as he work inside me. I'm not sure if he's dick is slightly below average in size but i imagine that it is and i like it. I hate myself now.

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  • People are commonly aroused by things they think are taboo or bad, even if they don't like what it is. Like for example, some people get really turned on by viewing vore, but they're disgusted or confused by it, and thinking that it's bad to look at it turns them on, not the vore itself.

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