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My parents in law wanted to go on a holiday trip with us, they weren't sure if we'd get a hotel place because we are quite late with booking. They had a hotel in mind - for 30€ per person - and asked if the price was okay for me. To which I said yes. Today my boyfriend told me that they booked a different hotel - yes, already booked! - and that it's 100€. He didn't even call me to ask if that's okay for me. Because it's not. But I know that, if I refuse to go on this trip, he will be mad. And, which is even worse, his parents will hate me. They all just don't understand that 100€ can be a lot for some people. I am so frustrated and pissed right now.

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  • You need to talk to him about that. And honestly, if you can't afford it, don't go. They're not allowed to be mad when they told you a price less than half of the one that you'll have to pay. Relationships are about communication, and if he couldn't be bothered to ask if 100 was okay, you shouldn't be bothered to put yourself out paying for it.

  • You should definitely discuss it with him. Have a grown up conversation.

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