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I met a transgender girl online. And the truth is.. I don't care. Everything she says makes me happy. I have never been happy in my entire life. With me being asexual, interested only in a person, not the the physical relationship, should I be bothered about what people say?

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  • stop the sht you a liar and no nothing about your gender, you want attention you got it ff.

  • If you were truly asexual you wouldn’t be into this girl, trans or not. I think instead of pursuing a romantic relationship with anyone you should take some time off to examine your own intentions because blaming some made-up bullshit like “I’m asexual” when you have interest in this person is just exposing your lies for what it is; an EXCUSE. Do you really think a relationship is going to magically make you happy? Do you think someone living with the trauma of gender reassignment needs to be attached to someone who can’t even be honest about what he wants? There is nothing for you but heartbreak In this relationship, and her maybe something worse. Please, for the love of Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, and Charles Dawkins don’t do this.

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