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If earth is just another circle in the galaxy than why haven't we fell off? Why our air doesn't mimic the outer space? There's so many planets in space what if there's different worlds in there were just not qualified to enter.

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  • There's def other habitable planets out there man/woman It's just by the time we would reach them the circumstances would have changed aka extinction and besides were pretty much stuck in this solar system there's a force at the edge of out sector aka gravity prob from the sun idr that would knock us back if we tried to leave so just live and enjoy this lil blue circle and try not to worry about also try not to be a cunt lol Jim Jefferies

  • OP, about your comment: noone on here could educate you about your questions. It's all too much to write to write it on here. It's just frustrating to see how someone asks themselves a question that they could so easily answer themselves by reading a book. It's like going around telling people "ugh I'm getting wet from the rain' while holding a folded umbrella in your hands. People aren't going to be nice to you, they're going to assume you're stupid.

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