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I'm a guy. I recently broke up with my girlfriend of almost 1 year. I loved this girl. She was my first love and i did so much for her. We would talk on the phone all night. I brought her flowers almost every week. I cooked for her, and even did some chores for this girl. I spent countless hours and dollars on her. What did i get in return? She was always angry, would hit me for no reason (it didn't hurt, I take Muay Thai, i fight guys twice my size regularly) but still. I was nothing but good to her. Oh and did i mention, she talked to her ex during our whole relationship saying that "he is just a really good friend". I knew that was a lie and I knew she had feelings for him. This ex of hers cheated on her, that's why they broke up. They went out for 2 months. After bearing with all the shit she gave me, i finally had enough. We broke up, mutually, and I was kinda heart broken. Within 3 weeks she was back with her ex. After hearing that info, I shut myself in my room for the night and just teared away until i went to sleep. When i woke up the next morning all i could think about was how much of a bitch she was, and how fake our relationship was to her. I despise this girl. But still some part of me hopes that she is doing alright. Through all the terrible things shes done to me, i still care for this girl. I don't want anyone to hurt her. But i know that if she ever wants me back i will just laugh in her face. I'm better off without her. I just wanted to let this out.

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  • damn fuck i just read this .I mean , it's a few months ago . how are you doing ? best of luck , hero :*

  • a real man has came! :)

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