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I'm trying to get good enough so i can work trough my sport, but i injured myself in a really silly way and now i will need surgery that will put me out of training for at least 4 months. i don't know what to do with my life in these months, without my sport i want to die, i can't lose 4 months but i'm also so sad and not motivated to do anything if it's not related to training at least

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  • Ah, 4 months is nothing. You can do it, pal. Maybe find some new hobbies, cause if you only rely on one thing to keep you happy and you lose that thing, you're screwed. Trust me. It's good to have several interests.

  • There was another post just like yours years ago. They went on and on about how their life was over, and we assumed it had to do with a college scholarship or something. No. It was fucking snowmobile-motocross. A fucking “sport” that maybe thirty people in the world have ever heard of and nobody but this dumbass gives a shit about. Long story short: your life isn’t over. It never was your life. You only did it because you’re young and somebody else pays for you so you can go to school and play sports for fun. Just do something else. You’ll be stuck in a fifty hour a week career soon enough and the only football you’ll ever have again is watching it in TV at the bar like everyone else.

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