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What it's like to live with social anxiety, episode 3627: I'd really like to go into my own backyard to read a book, get out for once and I really need to water the plants, but my neighbors are home and even though I can't see them looking out the window, I'm too nervous to possibly be judged by them (for being in my own backyard, yes - maybe they think I'm watering the plants wrongly, maybe it's weird to just lay on the grass to read a book. I hate my brain.)

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  • I was at your point; then I thought: Why should they care, why should I care if they did care? The most simple thing is to silmpy give no damn at all.

  • Ugh I feel you. But tbh just do what makes you happy. People will always judge, might as well do what will make your life better as long as you don't hurt anybody

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