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When I was little, my favorite "game" to play during summer vacation was school. I missed school and wanted to go back. I wanted to learn. This was before my family got a computer, way before wifi and smartphones were invented, so it's not like I could just go on educational websites any time I wanted. So if I had a workbook from school that I didn't finish, I finished it. If we went to the library, I usually played an educational game installed on the computer. One time all the computers were filled, so I got an encyclopedia, turned to a random page, and copied down notes about jaundice. In fourth grade, my school gave out old copies of an outdated science book and I studied from it for fun. Even as an adult, I still like learning for the sake of learning. I'm teaching myself French just because. I still have some old textbooks in storage in case I get bored one day.

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  • I used to be like this, too. I took my new school books on summer vacation before the new school year to pre-learn everything so I could do better in class. But the way we learned things at school ruined that for me. Now I'm an adult and I get literal anxiety over learning new things. It's wonderful that you kept your desire to learn alive.

  • Nothing wrong with leaning to learn!! Hell that's amazing. School usually ruins the learning experience.

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