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I wanted to know how did you find out what job or degree you want to pursue. I am struggling as I don't know what to take in college/university. My hobby is painting and cooking yet family said I'll be just a waiter/everyone's servant or painting is nothing. They want me to be a doctor or an auditor. I don't know what to take so if anyone can share how did you found the right job/degree/career, I am thankful.

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  • You know, do something you like and you'll be successful in it. Doing something you like makes you a natural in it (even though it's difficult). And finding a profession is not easy. The career I have now has nothing to do with my major back in college. But what the elders told me then, if it's for you, it will be given to you and it will be smooth sailing as long as you keep doing what is good for you and for the society. Keep on building yourself. Good luck!

  • i payed attention to what it was that i wanted to do. being at school made me feel physically sick, like i was literally dieing, same with most regular jobs. that's why i said fuck it and started experimenting with whatever made my life feel meaningful and fullfilling. now i'm trying to be a athlete

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