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Today I found out that one of my favorite teachers has been arrested and charged with statutory rape. I don't know how to react. This seems so out of left field for her. I just... I mean, this is really hard for me to process. I have always looked up to her and admired her, and to find out that she could be capable of something like this... This is shortly after finding out that my dad, who I used to look up to, is also not at all worthy of being a role model. It feels like everyone I considered to be the best people in my life is actually a piece of shit somehow. It's... not a great feeling. And as if all that isn't bad enough... I was super close with this teacher. Like "friends on Facebook, still talked for several years after I graduated, consider her a real friend" close. And she was my first gay crush. At a time when I still thought being gay was an atrocious sin, I was attracted to her somehow. She helped me realize I was bi (though she has no clue of that). Idk what I even want to say here. I just need to talk. I'm so bothered by this. When I first found out, I dissociated for over an hour. I'm crushed by this. I just hope the accusations are false and that she's innocent.

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  • Wake up, goddamn. I know many people wont admit it but literally everyone is a bad person. You are probably too, same with everyone you know, same with everyone I know. Its only a matter of time until they slip up and show their real selves.

  • i bet she was a rabid feminist ''all men are rapists'' type of person. you don't have to try to deny, it's all too obvious.

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