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So this one guy committed suicide at our holy place. I don’t like how ignorant people judging him like they’re Gods; saying bad things like he don’t deserve sympathy because he’s surely going to hell. This makes me furious. Yeah, our religion prohibits suicide, I know that. But our prophet says do not speak badly of the dead for the have reached what they put forward. It annoys so much that there are people who are judging him instead just leaving it to God. No one knows what the dead has been suffering from. He probably had a mental illness but didn’t seek help due to stigma/didn’t get enough support. No one wants to die unless they’re suffering, no one. I don’t like nor encourage suicide but take this incident as a lesson. Let’s spread awareness about mental illness so that those who are suffering from it knows that know that they’re not alone.

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  • your religion is known for killing people So the people have no sympathy left for the dead.

  • alot of people are so judgemental and it makes me sad. i wish they would search for the reason and try to avoid it from happening in the future than just talk bad about the situation/person even, if it's religious. we all make mistakes and no one has the right to judge

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