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My best guy friend broke up with his girlfriend and asked me to help him get through it. I wanted to comfort him and I offered to talk with his ex to clear things up between them. Instead of doing this, I became friends with her and would always tell her everything what he was doing, what we were doing, cause now he was in love with me and hated her. Soon he found out that I had been talking with his ex and he got very mad at me because I betrayed him and he lost all his trust in me.

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  • I love how people throw the word love around. People don't love this quickly unless he's like 12-14 (Hormone imbalance). Anyway do you care for him? Why would you tell her you knew he wouldn't want you to. Seriously you did betray him a relationship is two people who have each others backs no matter what. Being friends with her wouldn't have been a big deal but giving the play by play of oh no we didn't have sex or whatever. That hurts people are able to move on by letting their ex's think that they lost something great. You instead showed she lost nothing.

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