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Something i don't understand is progressives who are vocally against gay-conversion therapy (i am against it aswel obviously it does not work) but when it's about making men more feminine and ''toxic masculinity'' they are in favour of all kinds of brainwashing, experimentation and procedures. if one doesn't work, then why must it work for masculinity? is this proof that modern feminism is nothing but man-hating?

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  • Toxic masculinity is very real but has nothing to do with brainwashing, unless you mean how boys are brainwashed into thinking that to be a 'real man' they have to be ripped and tough and emotionless and they have to have as much sex as humanly possible. Real feminists, who want equality and aren't man haters, are pushing for people to stop forcing these shitty ideas on young boys.

  • Well, sexuality is natural and can’t be changed but emotional repression is not natural or healthy according to psychologists. I know emotionally repressed women who have seen therapists to become less out of touch with their emotions, their therapists were not brainwashing them in the same way that conversion therapy brainwashes people. Modern feminism is not man hating, but there are man hating people who call themselves feminists even though this is inconsistent with the definition of the word.

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