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Whenever i make my sister slightly angry (by not giving in to her abuse or by disagreeing with her, or by exposing her as a liar to my parents) she threatens to go to the police and tell them i beat her. she is unstable and completely willing to play as a victim. this kind of accusations are taken seriously in my country and they are also not investigated, they just assume the man is always guilty so she could end my life, my parents don't seem to care because she is the favourite. For years now i just avoid talking to her or interacting with her at all because of her mental illnesses and abuse, because if i pretend that she is dead then she can't hurt me, but lately she has been extra worse, coming into my room to acuse me of stealing from her and worse, and my mom always believes her. i don't know what to do, i'm scared. i know i need to leave and i was acquiring skills so i could work and leave my home doing what i love, but recently i got hurt in my sport and will need surgery, so i will have to stay at home and make no progress in my training for 4 months. i'm afraid that she will have one of her mental illness attacks and send me to jail during those 4 months. since i got injured a month ago i have been locked in my room, and i only go out to eat when she is already in her room sleeping.

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  • Call the police on her first. She can't accuse you of hurting her if she doesn't have the bruises to show it :/ Tell the police that she's threatening to lie about you; record her saying it. Show them. She'll have no power over you that way.

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