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I'm stuck in a relationship I can't get out of it.... I like my girl and I I don't in the same time.. She love me but I don't she know that.. But I just know that she has been hiding secret from me sense we start to dating first time.. And I told her I know about your Instagram acco... She says I'm sorry... I told her I'll try to make this work... But I really don't want her this time and I'm cheating on her.. Maybe I cheat because I don't like her anymore.. But in the same time I do.. Wtf is wrong with this relationship?

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  • if you loved her you won't be cheating or even looking at someone else so yah that answer is you don't love her so breaking up is what u have to do because she doesn't deserve someone who cheats.

  • The both of you sound like fucking morons.

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