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I can't bear school anymore.. now I'm on summer break but I can't go there anymore.. i feel horribly judged and somehow I always get in trouble.. I know, before u say something students can be horrible, but I'm actually a good person.. i just don't fit into School.. I'm smart and very skilled at languages, but I can't do maths and it depresses to waste my life in such stupid things.. I'm scared to go to school again.. I'm scared of wasting my time.. I could throw up by the thought of seeing my teachers again. They make me sick. Last time for example I corrected a teacher (I was right) and he tried to give me a B on the next exam although I deserved an A, so I went to the principals office and got an A anyway, but I don't wanna deal with that anymore... They're so unfair and I can't bear it anymore. shall I drop out? Look for something else? I don't know I'm so confused, I really hate them all.

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  • i was the same as you, or maybe even worse, but here is what i did : i did the bare minimum to pass, while training and learning skills outside of school for what i felt wasnt a waste of time. now im 23 working as a athlete and making videos. your feeling of time-wasting isnt random, it means something and you should listen to it

  • go to another school if you can I guess but anyway it will be a new school year and you will have new people in school and maybe make new friends you haven't met it will be alright an there are always conslors you can talk to.

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