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im in love with a girl who cheated on her man with me for 6 months and now she wants nothing to do with me even tho her and her ex are done. what do i do?

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  • Firstly once a cheater always a cheater, This guy was dating a girl, she started cheating on her boyfriend with my friend. Later on she broke up with her boyfriend and started dating my friend. Later on I was at my friends house and he ditched me with her, I did her. His mom came home as I was finishing up, and I was like not a word. She didn't say anything to me or the girl. But that's because of an old agreement we have (similar problem). She said to me that if my friend ever found out he'd blame her and not me. So when it came to this I guess he'd blame the girl and not me to. I never told him mostly because he thought I was a virgin until he finally got laid. Just remember if you actually date her she'll probably cheat on you like she did to him.

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