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every space created for black women to tell their stories/perspective gets co-opted by the black lgbt community then the broader lgbt community until black women feel voiceless again. It is easy to see the parallels between a black woman's struggles and say a gay black man's but they're not exactly the same. And truthfully, there are some areas where the two are socially and politically opposed. This is not to blame lgbt people, because some black women are in a perpetual identity crisis where they're not sure what issues/interests are their own and what are others'. It's just annoying. One of the reasons society still has a hard time understanding black women or liking them is because black women tend to identify with EVERYONE's struggle or the idea of struggle more than they're willing to do the work to form or share a coherent perspective on their role in the world. Again, it's just annoying.

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  • I don't know much about this topic, but is being a black woman really give you so many, so specific problems that it justifies you to own a space? As I said, I don't know much. But just from what I can imagine, I can't name a single thing that black women could complain about that isn't also true for lgtb+ people. Why do they have to have a specific stand? Isn't the goal to NOT have them separated from the rest of the world?

  • identity politics is retarded. focus on the individual to avoid this pathetic bullshit

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