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I had a crush on a guy from my training class at work. I knew he's married. I'm in a serious relationship too and I never, ever would've asked him out. It was just a fantasy. But once I met his wife and found out her ex husband cheated on her, I immediately stopped thinking about her husband like that. I've been cheated on before. I know how bad it hurts and how much it can mess with your trust in people. I couldn't keep imagining scenarios where she would be hurt like that again. And my boyfriend, I'm embarrassed with myself that I thought about another man. He's been nothing but good to me, never cheated, never gave me a reason to not trust him. I'm never telling my boyfriend or anyone else about that crush. It was nothing, led to nothing. Hopefully the guy from training class never caught on that I liked him. He's happily married. Never in my craziest dreams could I be a homewrecker.

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  • Good on you!

  • i hope your boyfriend leaves you soon

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