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This Wednesday was my boyfriend and I’s six month anniversary and I wanted to get him something really cool. I decided to get him a Polaroid camera since he’s always talking about how much he would like to have one and I was feeling really proud and thought that there was no way whatever he was going to get for me would be able to top this super amazing camera. But, of course, I was wrong. Damn him. He really outdid himself this time. He took me to the ocean! Ahh, it was so much fun :-) I haven’t been to the ocean since I was twelve. His grandparents have this giant house that’s like a two-minute walk from the sea and they let us stay there for a night. We spent all day at the beach and walking around town. There was a psychic reader nearby and when we asked her to do a reading on us I couldn’t understand anything she was saying. It was all so vague, lol. At one point she said “I felt your happy energy as soon as you sat down” to me. It was kind of unsettling :c but also flattering. And she told me that my aura is pink and my boyfriend's is green. I don’t know what that means and I’m not even entirely sure what an aura is but it sounds interesting. I guess I’ll have to look it up sometime. Then at night time, we couldn’t sleep so we snuck out of the house while my boyfriend's grandparents were asleep and we went back to the beach. I forgot how fascinating the ocean is after midnight. It’s so dark that the water starts to look like ink and you can see the stars and planets so much better than you ever could in the middle of the city. We sat on the dock and talked about life and stuff for a long time. My sign language has gotten so good that there’s, like, no communication barrier between us at all anymore! He makes me feel so normal. Better than normal, even. We were talking about everything that the psychic lady had told us and trying to analyze it but then there was a huge wave and we got soaked. Scared the crap out of me. But it's funny now, looking back. And I can honestly say that kissing my boyfriend at the beach at one in the morning is my new favorite thing in the world :’) When we snuck back into the house it was four in the morning and we went to bed and I used his arm as a pillow and like, usually I wouldn’t do that because I like having space when I sleep but I was so happy that I didn’t even care. And we could still hear the ocean from the house and I was hyper-aware of how his chest would rise and fall in rhythm with the sound of the waves. I wonder if he was aware of that too, because for some reason I found that to be the most entertaining thing ever. Ahh I sound ridiculous. But everything was so amazing. Every tiny detail made me happy. Even the two-hour long drive back home became fun because halfway through my boyfriend pulled over and let me drive and it started to rain and I’ve never driven in the rain before. There was thunder and lightning and it was so cool. I honestly think that was one of the best days of my life so far. He makes me so happy in a way I’d never be able to put into words.

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  • Girl I like your energy. You're so grateful. He's gonna wanna marry you one day. Heck I'm a 200% straight woman and I'd def lock u down if I were a man. Beautiful! God bless your relationship and you!

  • I hope he used the camera while you guys were there! Sounds amazing. And as for auras- an aura is the energy that someone gives off. Some people are sensitive to these energies and can detect them, and for some people auras have colors. For me I just sense emotional energies.

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